Let’s Read: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Some parts of my house will be renovated soon, so our family members are all getting things organized, thrown, and all cleared out except me… I am the laziest, and the messiest person out of four of us, sadly.

Since it would be once-in-a-life-time thing for me to organize my stuff, so why not do it completely done and as effectively as possible. I then recognized the name of this book which I have seen many times while walking around in the bookstore but have never once picked it up.

That was my Sunday night and then I bought this Thai-version of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo’ on Monday afterwork for THB 180 from AsiaBooks, and have been reading it while commuting to the office every day.

Today, a Thursday night, I have finished it on my way back home : D and feel like I want to keep it alive in my memory by sharing my summary here.

Notes before starting organizing your stuff:

  1. Fix the schedule for organizing your stuff and mark the deadline: just like you are marking the date for a special event. For my case I would do for 5 days (two weekends and a day.)
  2. Do it completely done at once. So you will feel the change in your life. Not like a little by little for your entire life.
  3. Imagine that each piece of things has feelings and reasons for its existence. So appreciate it (before let it go…)
  4. Don’t let your mom see the stuffs you are throwing! otherwise it will be somewhere in the house.
  5. Do it by category, not by location.


  1. Start with this order of categories: Clothes -> Books -> Documents -> Random little things -> Things with memory! (with this order you would not stuck with the cherished memory since the beginning and as the time goes by, you will be strong enough to make decision to get rid of those memories.)
  2. Gather every pieces of those categories at once (to see a pile of surprisingly amount of things you have) and pick them up piece by piece with question “Does it spark joy?”
    1. If yes! Then keep it.
    2. If not, or so so, then tell it ‘thanks for being with me and blah blah’ (sometimes thanks for making me happy at the time I bought, even though I have not used you once.) and throw it away. not giving to someone else.
  3. Organize things you keep vertically. Don’t pile things up like a column.
    1. Clothes: put in drawer that high enough for just one level of half-folded clothes. keep it in order of colors and materials.
    2. Books: can see all the titles. Don’t put in soon-forgotten boxes. The ones you have not read, you will never read. The ones you have not finished, you will never finished (soon.)
    3. Documents: two folders 1) need attention soon 2) important documents to be kept for long but infrequently used like a passport . Throw away all the manuals, you can google them up later.
    4. Random little things: don’t thing you will need it in the future that make you keep it (forever) now. Gifts: thanks for making me happy at the time I received it.
    5. Things with memory: Be in the present. Keep only what make you happy.
  4. Each category is kept at the same place. Fix home for each piece of things. Everyone is always happy to be home right : ) also keep things as simply as possible. Ignore the convenience to use those stuffs.
  5. Then live.


  1. You should appreciate value of things: Know that they have already served your service in one way.
  2. Be present. Not past or future: Let your pasts go for good, also don’t expect you would do this and that with this stuff in the nearly future so let’s keep it…that’s no no.
  3. It is ok to be short of something at a period of time. So don’t keep ‘just-in-case’ things
  4. If it is really yours, it will find the way back.
  5. You are the only one who know what you need.
  6. You are what you keep : )

I will be working on this. When I am done, and hopefully be living with the Konmari-method situation for a while. I would come back and tell you how my life has changed : )

Till then,


  • I saw Marie Kondo from Talks at Google. She is really cute!
  • There is a lot more tips in her book, so you should check it out.
  • ชีวิตดีขึ้นทุกๆด้านด้วยการจัดบ้านแค่ครั้งเดียว ของสำนักพิมพ์ WeLearn

Life: When I can’t force myself to start!

This is going to be a post just for me relieving my stress….

It is just..I decided to come back after a year of plain paper and write more because I wanted to and I know there are a bunch of stories around me I would like to share.

But like since my Taiwan trip during Dec 5-12, 2015 and then my new-year trip during Dec 31,2015 -Jan 9,2016….I just could not gather my mind to tell those stories yet T_T

Though It is like a burden now…

I respect all those authors especially the owners of those organized and structural articles. You would have to be so strong : )

I took a long time to be relaxed and enjoyed my moment haha which was nice actually.

Hooray! Now I almost forget some small parts of the trip and almost lose all the feelings of that moment with the wind.

Hopefully I will publish the story and catch up with the present soon (while still enjoy the slow wind.)

Good night!




On foot: M.A.P. Weekend Fest #2 Lost in Christmas moment (Fujifilm X-A1)

เตียงนอน? (จะเดือนไหนก็นึกถึงเสมอ)
วิ่งมาราธอน? (เอาจริงๆนี้เต็มเดือนเลย)
ขึ้นดอย? (ไม่ใช่หุ้นนะ)

เรานึกถึง weekend market นะ : )


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Workshop: make garden in the jar


เสาร์ 19 ธันวาที่ผ่านมา (หนึ่งในวันอากาศเย็นของกรุงเทพฯปี 2558) เราแวะไปงานนี้มาแหละ “M.A.P. Weekend fest #2 Lost in Christmas moment” ที่ Whizdom 101


เจอกันที่บีทีเอส ปุณณวิถีนะ

เรานัดเจอกันหกโมงเย็น เราอยากไปถึงงานก่อนฟ้ามืด เผื่อจะได้เก็บรูป twilight หน่อย
บ่ายวันนั้นเรามาจากงานของ aday ที่ the Jam Factory แถวเจริญนคร… ไม่รู้ว่าตอนนั้นคิดอะไรอยู่นะ แต่ว่า..

เฮ้ย ปุณณวิถีก็นี้ไง อยู่ถัดจากบางหว้า


ถึงก่อนเวลานัด เราเลยนั่งเล่นถ่ายรูป ไม่อยากโทรไปเร่งเพื่อน.. พอหกโมงปุ๊บ

เราเพิ่งขึ้น BTS อโศก

เพื่อนเราว่างั้น เราเลยขอตัวไปเดินดูงานก่อน…

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Thai milk tea : ) is my favourite drink

เรากด facebook ของงานนี้ อันนี้เลย เพื่อดูใน google map…. ไม่เข้าใจทำไมมันโชว์ว่า ใช้เวลาเดินทาง1ชั่วโมงกว่า ทั้งที่ก่อนมาเราก็เช็คแล้วนะ ว่ามันอยู่ระหว่างสุขุมวิท 100 กับ 101 ซึ่งอยู่ใกล้สถานีมาก….?! ….เดี๋ยวนะ….’สุขุมวิท’ ก็ต้องอยู่บน BTS สายสุขุมวิทซิ!…นี่มัน วุฒากาศ นี่!

ฮัลโหล ไปเดินก่อนเลยนะ เรามาผิดที่ อีกหนึ่งชั่วโมงถึง…

เพื่อนเราขำใหญ่ แล้วบอกว่า I know this would happen (so I have left where I was late)….


อ้าว นี้ยังไม่พูดถึงงานเลยหรอ

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Whistle: They sell burgers and fries


ลงทางออก 3 ของสถานีปุณณวิถี แล้วเข้า Piyarom club เดินๆไปอีกนิดก็จะเห็นงานเป็นก้อนๆมีแสงสีเหลืองเยอะๆด้านขวา

Note: เราเดินเข้างานมา เหมือนมีคนแปะสติกเกอร์เพื่อนับจำนวนคนร่วมงาน… แต่เขาไม่ให้เราอ่ะ : ( เราเลยขอเค้า เพราะมันเป็นสติกเกอร์ที่เหมือนชื่อเราเลย : )

ภาพรวมงานนี้แบ่งออกเป็นสองส่วนใหญ่ ด้านหน้ากับด้านหลัง ก้อนด้านหน้านี้ใหญ่มากกก ร้านของกินเยอะ ที่นั่งเยอะ คนเยอะ มีโซน workshop แถมมีเวทีคอนเสิร์ตอีกแหนะ วันนั้นวง Playground มา! (ถ้าเธอรู้จัก เธอก็อยู่ที่’มุม’นี้ เหมือนกันแล้วแหละ)

Note: workshop คือนั่งทำกันตรงนั้นเลย ราคาประมาณไม่ถึง 500 บาท มีทั้ง garden in the jar จัดส่วนในโหลแก้ว มีจัดช่อ mistle toe (นี้คือธีม Christmas จริงๆ) มีทำหน้าหนมปัง

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Main stage and large sitting area

ส่วนโซนด้านหลังนั้น…ความจริงก็มีของเก๋ๆนะ พวกเสื้อผ้า ของจิปาถะทำเอง โซนดูดวง ปั่นจักรยาน tokyo bike รวมไปถึงมีโซนอาหารอีกแถวนึง… แต่คนบางตามาก เฮ้ นี้คนละงานรึเปล่า? บางคนคงไม่ได้แวะมาถึงตรงนั้น เราคิดว่าเพราะบรรยากาศตรงโซนใหญ่มันดีกว่า ผู้คนมากมาย แถมได้นั่งบน(ก้อนไม้บน)หญ้า

แต่เรา ผู้ซึ่งชอบที่เงียบๆ หลีกเลี่ยงความวุ่นวาย (กลับบ้านมั้ยงั้น?) จึงมีความสุขกับการนั่งคุยเล่นกับเพื่อนอยู่ตรงนั้น…จนเที่ยงคืน

Note: เอาจริงๆเพื่อนเราก็เปิดร้านตรงนั้นด้วยแหละ นั่งตรงกล่องนั้นเลยใกล้กว่าเยอะ คิคิ

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Cookit: They sell fresh ingredients deliver to your door 🙂

เฮ้ย ลืมบอก! งานนี้พาน้องๆสี่ขา สองขา มาเดินเล่นได้ด้วยนะ! ในใจเรากลายเป็นว่า สิ่งที่ทำให้ชอบที่นี่มากขึ้นไปอีกคือการได้เดินส่อง เดินตาม น้องๆเหล่านั้น ทั้งตัวเล็กตัวใหญ่ น่ารักมากเลย ^^

Note: เห็นร้านขายของสัตว์เลี้ยงแค่สองสามร้านเอง มีปลอกคอหนัง กับขนมขบเคี้ยว

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

และอีกแล้ว บางทีเราก็ลืมเก็บภาพงานโดยรวมแบบดีๆนะ มัวแต่หันซ้ายหันขวา ส่องนู้นนี้ไปตามทาง (อ้างมาก)

ฉะนั้น ใครที่อยากไปงาน weekend market ที่มีเสียงเพลง ลานกว้าง ของกินเยอะ และชอบสัตว์เลี้ยงเป็นพิเศษ อยากพามาเดินเล่น ก็แวะมางานนี้ได้เลยนะ แนะนำๆ

เค้ามีจัดอีกที ที่เดียวกัน ธีมเดียวกัน สุดสัปดาห์นี้ 25-27 ธันวาคม เริ่มตั้งแต่ สี่โมงเย็นถึงเที่ยงคืน ที่ whizdom 101
อย่าลืมเช็คการเดินทางไปของตัวเองให้ดีนะ รวมถึงเวลาเปิด-ปิด (นี่เราก็ไปเถียงมั่วๆกับเพื่อนมา) ทางที่ดี เช็ค facebook ของงานเถอะ

Gudetama on Canon Demi EE 17

ก่อนลาจากกันไปในวันนี้ จะบอกว่า ถ้าจะขึ้นรถไฟฟ้ากลับบ้านหลังเที่ยงคืน..จงมั่นใจแล้วว่า บัตรตัวเองมีเที่ยว และเงิน พอ.




Cookit Delivery – Cooking made easy
ร้านเพื่อนเราเอง ลองกดดูนะ น่าสนใจมาก (อีกแปบนึงเราคงโพสเรื่องทำอาหาร 🙂 ให้คุณเลือกเมนูอาหารที่อยากทำ แล้ววัตถุดิบที่กะปริมาณแล้ว จะส่งตรงสดถึงบ้านคุณ เพียงเตรียมครัวให้พร้อม! (มี portion สำหรับ 2-6 ที่เลย)

-รูปเหล่านี้ใช้กล้อง fujifilm x-a1 ถ่ายนะ ไม่ได้ถ่ายรูปมานานแล้ว ยังเบอะๆบะๆอยู่ แต่สนุกจัง
-ทางเดินในงานไม่ได้ราบเรียบแบบพื้นปูนนะจ๊ะ เดินระวังๆกันหน่อย
-Price range approx:
Snack 60-100 THB
Drink 50-80
Burgers 160-250

On foot: Meet Santa Brown at LINE Village, Siam Square One

Date: 23-27 December
Place: Siam Square One connecting area to BTS Siam Station
I am writing this after the event ended on 27th. So pretty much I ended up went there 3 times… haha
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Left: Santa Brown event Right: Innisfree x LINE event
Overall of the event, there are 3 main parts:
1) LINE Store
Time: 12PM – 8PM
– Prepaid cards with like 5 price options for LINE credit to be used on LINE application or on store.line.me
– Buy digital stickers to be used on the app at the booth right away
– I have bought five of 100-THB card for my friend and got a Leonard pen
– Normally when we buy the top up value from 7-11, we would get only numeric code from slip though.
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
LINE Store stand via Olloclip lens
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
THB 100 card of Sally 😀 and free pen and sticker
2) LINE Gift Shop
Time: 5PM – 8PM

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Life: 3 Movies I have watched in 2015!

It is the end of the year already!

I could not believe myself that this year, 2015, I have watched only 3 movies in the cinema! And all of them was with my colleagues…
Lovely to have them lol
I am not a cinemagoer. I know you can tell : )
I just would like to list out here without any reviews! Just my short feeling towards each though.

 1) Avengers: Age of Ultron
I almost forgot all about the previous episode… I was glad that I had remembered some faces on the movie. But pretty much I was confused for all the name they called TT

2) The Good Dinosaur
This was when we wanted to go out for a team building event. Watching movie was the choice before going to karaoke place. We were trying to find a movie that none of us had watched at the time. So here it is…
It is about a family of dinosaurs. Then a human appeared…
Not a good impression on this film, but we all remember the howling sound of them that we would make fun with when hearing afterwards.
We did also bought a Spot figure as a gift when one of our dearest colleague left us *cry* to be remember as a teammate : )

3) Star Wars : The Force Awakens
I got a Darth Vader cap from my trip in Taiwan, then I also dressed up as him at the company New Year party. Even though I know just a little bit about him : D
I have prepared by reading a brief story from episode I to VI before watching this. But I still felt that it is a new whole story to me… Probably I was watching just to see how old they have became. If I watch it in 4D theater, it would be more exciting.
I like the transitions of each part and also the old-look of the picture : )

Bye movies in 2015.
Hope I will enjoy more of you in the next year !

On foot: aday ‘make a zine’

This Saturday afternoon of December 19, my friend asked me to join her trip to “aday make a zine” at The Jam Factory.

seating area in the garden

Now I am here at the coffee shop looking outside the large window for the fair after have been wandering reading around those zines.
I did not know much about it. Only knew that it is a hand-made book event that people prepare zines to swap with each other.

workshop area
workshop area

What is zine?

A zine (/ˈziːn/ ZEEN; an abbreviation of fanzine or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier. – wikipedia

Today, anybody can walk around to read zines of others, but ones can also bring some zines from home to swap. More especially, there is an one-day workshop here as well for the selected 50 people to create the new zines to be swap! (Stationery, photocopier, and snacks are provided.)

registered zines at the swap area

How it works:

  • Bring/ create zines to swap then register for number
  • Walk around, check out others’ works and jot down their numbers
  • Swap when the time comes: attendee’s 20 zines are divided into 2 piles: one for others to pick ours and one for bringing to swap right away(?). Seriously, I was there at the front row listening to the staffs to explain this process more than twice but I am still not sure.
  • Get others’ 20 zines back home. Yeah!

Overall it is quite small area but enough for this event. Over 200 unique zines to be swapped.

facing the ‘make a zine swap bar’

Sadly, I did not acknowledge about swapping  things. The books here are all interesting and well-made with thoughts.

Somehow I feel this is where I belong 🙂
So happy to be here.
So motivated to write more.

External links:

The Jam Factory Bangkok’s facebook

  • Open 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Accessible by boat and cars

aday magazine’s Facebook

one of the zines I like. its layout is outstanding


After almost a year and I am back 🙂
Trying out the updated mobile app for wordpress.
Also trying out using small image size directly from the camera to mobile phones via wifi.
The more convenient it gets, the more often I post….. I hope

On foot: ‘Made by Legacy’ Flea Market V

It has been a while for my photo journal. I have been writing something else which I have not published anyway. This is an auspicious time that I am so busy so I would like to post some photos….hmm should be some kind of stress release.

Last Saturday night at around 2 AM towards Sunday morning, I was about to go to bed and something popped up in my head that ‘I want to go shooting tomorrow.’ which made me search for some events in Bangkok occurring on that Sunday January 11, 2015.

Made By Legacy Flea Market V, an American-styled flea market, was the one! I personally like to go looking around a market that each shops have stories behind what they are selling, thus I thought this would be interesting. These days, a bunch of weekend fashion markets are held almost every week and throughout the city… but I have been just once…

After I went through the entrance, I felt like I went to another.. period of time….and let’s say I was dressing up anachronistically. Oh also, it was probably half Thais and half expats in the market. Anyway, I could divide the fair into 3 main parts which were dining, shopping, and stage (?) areas.

Night atmosphere

DSCF6209 DSCF6201


I went there around dinner time, so the first thing I was looking for was… absolutely…food. Food and drink shops were located as a U shape with other stores in the middle. I walked around looking for interesting things they offered. Most of the dishes was pricing around THB 200.

I ended up with a sandwich from Sloane’s artisan comprised of sour bread, made by the nearby bakery shop, with natural-bred-pork sausage.

Gula: Private chef
Pizza Note Project: You draw your own pizza for them to make

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TED talk: How to speak so that people want to listen

I watch TED talks from time to time. I should do it gradually but I do it a lot at once which it is not that effective (depending on the reasons why you watch them at first though, if your aim is to study each person’s speaking styles, yes, you could watch several ones at once.)

So, tonight the talk that most stuck in my head was this one: “How to speak so that people want to listen” by Julian Treasure in which I would like to take some notes here. And I encourage you to listen to how he speaks from the clip.

Why should you watch it?

  1. It was not too technical: he explained in the way that you will remember the content and can understand easily.
  2. Speaking is everyday activity: now or later if you know you are not good at it, you will find the need to improve it.

Here are three major contents from the talk:

HAIL: Four foundations – if you want your speech to be powerful

  1. Honesty: be clear and straight
  2. Authenticity: be yourself
  3. Integrity: be your word
  4. Love: wish them well

Six tools that will increase the power of your speech – you will need to practice this when you are making an important speech

  1. Register: speak from the chest will put more weight than from the throat
  2. Timbre: rich, smooth, warm voices are what most people prefer
  3. Prosody: like sing a song. it will give the meaning for conversation
  4. Pace: say it slowly to emphasize, or pause to make a powerful silence
  5. Pitch
  6. Volume: say quietly to make people pay attention

Seven deadly Habits of speaking you should avoid

  1. Gossip
  2. Judging
  3. Negativity: being pessimistic on anything
  4. Complaining
  5. Excuses
  6. Exaggeration
  7. Dogmatism: the confusion of facts with opinions

People can improve if they think that they can.


Review: 3 new dining spots in Ari you gotta check out

Soi Ari, Pahonyotin 7 Road, is one of the booming neighborhood area for hanging out especially at night. It is located next to BTS Ari station and most of the restaurants can be reached easily on foot from the station that makes it truly convenient.

Recently, several shops, restaurants, and bars have been opened which attracts people from many places not just people who work around here like in the past anymore. And these are recently-opened restaurants/bars you gotta try!

How I do this: Since I am not a food guru. I cannot say “recommended dishes” because I have not tried it all. Let’s just say food that I have ordered and some price tag, well one of my friends said she only scrolled down to see the prices in food review’s article 😀

Note: All of these photos were taken with Fuji X-A1 with Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 (I just started using this lens so hasn’t brought out its full capability.) and you can click to enlarge the images.

Tête Et Nez: Some experiments are going on
Tête Et Nez: Some experiments are going on

Salt Smoke: Cozy little bar (and more)

I came across this place even before its soft opening day because it is just across Noble Re:D condo where we park our car. It is a nice cozy little bar for beers and burgers (also hash brown) for catching with friends. The seats are quite limited as of now probably 10-ish.

Salt Smoke: Overall ambience
Salt Smoke: Overall ambience

What I have ordered:

I have ordered THB 180 Beef burger and a can of THB 30 Root beer….hang on I went there for a dinner and then went to somewhere else for dessert with my friend to show him around, so didn’t have a chance to grab some drink here yet, but next time I will 🙂 (FYI variation of drinks to choose from!) He ordered THB 280 Wagyu beef with foie gras and THB 100 Orange juice.

I like the burger bun like this. It was soft and went well with my medium-beef. The serving amount was just right to me because when I go to many western-styled burger places, they always serve like 2 portions of what I would like to have. So, girls come here and grab your burger! But for guys, as my friend told me, he wasn’t full yet for a single serve.

Salt Smoke: A plate of beef burger
Salt Smoke: A plate of beef burger

Where it is located:

This place is very close to BTS Ari station exit 3. It is behind Piyawan Building which is linked Pahonyotin Road with Soi Ari 1. Just when you go down the BTS stairway, turn right on the small alley, then turn left when you reach the back of the building. It is right there! opposite of Noble Re:D condo (the red tall building.)

Open 18:00-00:00
Updated: 4/12/2014 Beef burger price is 250. Cheese Beef burger at 280.

Salt Smoke: atmosphere
Salt Smoke: atmosphere

Shinsei Authentic Sushi: Fresh and great quality sushi bar

It is well-decorated and spacious sushi bar. I think it is a direct competitor of Sousaku, my all-time favourite sushi bar in the area. They are less than five minutes away from each other, so when one place’s seats are all taken…

Shinsei Sushi: its name plate in front of the restaurant
Shinsei Sushi: its name plate in front of the restaurant

What I have ordered:

I went there at lunch time so I ordered a lunch set which was grilled salmon with fish eggs at THB 250… well that is not exactly the name but you can tell from the photo anyway. I have also ordered salmon sashimi since it was discounted 30% from THB 220 down to THB  154. And today I just came back from here again for THB 200 Salmon don set.

Shinsei Sushi: Salmon Sashimi
Shinsei Sushi: Salmon Sashimi

The lunch set was great, especially the side dishes. Because I did not expect anything from them. I thought they would just be like other places’ BUT they were not! Salad had some crunchy texture from the fried dough. (I don’t know how to call that tempura thingy.) and miso soup was condensed and very fulfilled. What about the main dish I ordered? It was salty from the season and from that eggs. (I think.) So I don’t have to dip it in anything before I put in my mouth that would be the part I like.

Shinsei Sushi: the grilled salmon covered with fish eggs for lunch set
Shinsei Sushi: the grilled salmon covered with fish eggs for lunch set

Where it is located:

Shinsei Sushi is located on the main Soi Ari. So just walk straight from Pahonyotin Road, turn left on Pahonyotin 7 or Soi Ari. You will pass Soi Ari 1, and Soi Ari 2 on the left then you will see this place next to Shambala, the always-opened restaurant that I go often (when I have no choices.) You will reach here before Noble Reflex condo and Soi Ari 3.

Open every day 12:00-15:00 and 17:30-20:00 Call 02 619 7271

Shinsei Sushi’s Facebook page: You should check for their updates on monthly promotion and some yummy-sashimi photos.

Shinsei Sushi: Salmon sashimi up close
Shinsei Sushi: Salmon sashimi up close

Tête Et Nez: Fusion food with special natural scents

Tête Et Nez: its menu
Tête Et Nez: its menu

Honestly, I did not plan to try this place since its first week of opening. I was heading to street noodle for my budget dinner… but then the moment my mom saw that it was already opened when we passed by, she decided to give it a try. (So I went home and grabbed my camera.)

The atmosphere was nice and this place is really well-decorated. It looks like a scientist’s lab (the chic one) in a garden! She said they will open the other floors later, so you can actually set up some parties here (including outdoors.) I went there twice already and had fun taking photos….(wait what?)

They serve fusion food and adding some natural scents in some dishes (brownie with orange scent) or drinks (wine with chocolate.) I know that the owners and the waitress would kindly answer or explain anything about this place since it is kinda new thing here.

Tête Et Nez: hey it is opened!
Tête Et Nez: hey it is opened!

What I have ordered:

Most of the dishes were tapas size which was quite small but you actually have a chance to try many dishes. I have ordered THB 250 Tuscan lamb pot, THB 180 Grilled kurobuta with jaew, and a pasta with meatball. (I feel sorry for the waitress that she had recommended many dishes which I didn’t like in general so we ordered from our preferences.)

Tête Et Nez: the pasta and the grilled kurobuta
Tête Et Nez: the pasta and the grilled kurobuta

The pasta was cooked well the taste was just right not too salty or too sour (from tomatoes.) The kurobuta (black pork) was ok since I just had a street grilled pork the other day, so didn’t feel anything much. We ordered the lamb pot later on just to fulfill our stomach’s space. The lamb was soft, the whole dish was easy to eat… I am really not good at food reviewing. hahaha.

Oh and I have came here twice for the below dish already 😀 The warm brownie with chocolate ice-cream for THB 150. You can choose a scent to add here from madame, monsieur and mademoiselle.

Tête Et Nez: the warm brownie with chocolate icecream and mademoiselle scent
Tête Et Nez: the warm brownie with chocolate icecream and mademoiselle scent


Price range: THB 120-150 for desserts, THB 120-250 for Tapas (main dish here), THB 220 for 330-ml Hoegaarden beer

Where it is located:

It is in Soi Ari 2 and next to Summer Street, the trendy seafood truck. So when you walk on the main Soi Ari road just turn left on Soi Ari 2. It is right there, the green building. If you drive, please notice that it is a one-way road and parking space is hard to find here.

Call 085 363 4975

Tête Et Nez’s Facebook page

Tête Et Nez: at the front.


So, this is it. The three new places in Ari to hang out and have some good food (and dessert… and drink?) There will be a lot more opening from what I have heard soon. However, for my next post about this area would be my all-time-favourite restaurants, and cafes that I have been more than million times each (too exaggerated?) including budget and not-so-budget meals 🙂

Summer street: at noon
Summer street: at noon

Some links posted about the Ari neighborhood:

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Last but not least, my street photos in Bangkok including Ari area 🙂

Till then,


P.S. I’m not sure whether I have covered everything or not, so if you want to know anything please feel free to ask.


Travel: Koh Lipe – Serene Island in the Andaman Sea

Not as famous as Phuket or Ko Samui, even less convenient and take more time to get here, but Koh Lipe is really worth a visit 😀

I have visited this paradise island for 4 days 3 nights during last week. It was memorable and beyond expected. So, I would like to write this post to let it be one of your choices for the vacation on southern islands of Thailand.

(Note: You can click to enlarge the photos.)


General Information:

Koh Lipe (เกาะหลีเป๊ะ or Lipe Island) is an island located in Andaman sea in Satun province, southern part of Thailand. It is close to Tarutao marine national park where a ferry boat tends to stop by for 15 minutes before landing on the Lipe.

The low season is between June and October where there will  be some rains or even storms so the price of the accommodation would be down to even half of the high season’s (during November to May). I went there on the first half of November which it was still raining on some days or nights and even cloudy sometimes but I already gotta paid for the high-season price. So, if you plan to go there, December onward should be better. Though I still got some great weather and wonderful experiences there.

Here is the map of the islands area and the linkage by ferry boats in the Andaman sea from welovekohlipe.com. There are airports in Hat Yai (Song Khla province), Trang, Krabi, and Phuket.

Koh Lipe and other islands in Andaman sea
Koh Lipe and other islands in the Andaman sea


There are three main beaches for accommodation which are Sunset, Sunrise, and Pattaya beaches.  I stayed on Koh Lipe for three nights which are on Sunrise and Sunset beaches, thus most of my photos were taken here.

Sunrise Beach from Zanom Sunrise’s view
Sunrise Beach in the early morning: a fisherman was removing water after the night rain
Sunset Beach from Mountain Resort
Sunset Beach from Mountain Resort
Sunset Beach during sunset time
Sunset Beach during sunset time
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach and my iPhone case

I went to Pattaya beach in the morning to get on a long-tailed boat for snorkeling trip and I went there one night for some fire shows and noisy bars on the beaches. If you are looking for chilling and quiet bars at night, Sunrise beach would be the place to go.

Pattaya Beach in the morning
Pattaya Beach in the morning
During waiting for a boat
During waiting for a boat


Except for chilling on the beaches; reading books, getting sunbath, these are alternative activities during my stay here.


I did this three times: One was the 600-THB trip per person on a long-tailed boat consisting of 8 people in the boat for 4 diving spots and 2 beach stops. Of course, I enjoyed being out there and getting into the ocean but then it gave me the feeling of just touring that the boat driver just brought us to each spots with other 5-6 boats at the same sequences… it was not really informational and we could not choose anything much. So, I recommend paying for a long-tailed boat just for yourself and your companions. It should not be exceeding THB 2,000 per boat per day (excluding snorkel for THB 50 each and no food provided.) You could also try asking for some discount just like my uncle did for THB 1,300 and he could just request to stop by any spots he wanted and even avoid stopping on the unnecessary beaches.

Our long-tailed boat driver
A part of an island that full of rocks.. one of our stop
A part of an island that full of rocks.. one of our stop


A beach stop for lunch
A beach stop for lunch
A box of fried rice for lunch
A box of fried rice for lunch
The water is amazingly clear!
The water is amazingly clear!

The other two times I did snorkel were in front of my hotels! Zanom Sunrise Resort is located on Sunrise beach. (I did a little review here.) I could just walk from my room to the lobby and then borrow a snorkel for free. After that I went into the water right in front of the hotel…. There were corals and some small fishes there. (I only had my iPhone 5s with me at the time, so could not get much out of underwater.) Bad thing about this beach is there are full of boats! When they move, the sand was flowing underwater and I couldn’t see much.

View from water for boats on Sunrise Beach

However, on the Sunset beach where another hotel, Mountain Resort, that I stayed located was really better! So just grab a snorkel and walked there! There were no boats, full of corals, full of fishes. I even feel like it was better than some spots I went on paid trip with the long-tailed boat, seriously.


Little fish that swam around me so many times
Little fish that swam around me so many times
View of corals that I went snorkeling from Mountain Resort
View of corals that I went snorkeling from above

Strolling at the night market street

It is called Koh Lipe Walking Street which starts from 6pm onwards each day. I believe it is where people gathering at night apart from chilling at their hotel bars. There were full of seafood restaurants, cozy bars, roti shops, souvenirs shops, diving tours, convenient stores and so on. The most traffic spot was at Seven Eleven the convenient store. (I was actually just sitting there for so long watching people passing by haha :D)

A sample of moment in front of Seven Eleven convenient store
A sample of moment in front of Seven Eleven convenient store
Someone is waiting for his share of my roti 🙂
I love this Cha-Chuck :D
I love this Cha-Chuck 😀
Many tribal bags
Many tribal bags
Namaste shop sells a postcard for THB 50
Namaste shop sells a postcard for THB 50
Postcards of many places in Thailand at Namaste shop
Postcards of many places in Thailand at Namaste shop


The price of each stay could range from THB 500 to 10,000 per night depending on where do you stay (right on the beach or on the road), what are facilities provided, when do you go (high or low seasons), etc. I stayed at only two hotels so I couldn’t speak much on this.

Zanom Sunrise Resort has restaurant and bar, chilling spaces right on the beach, snorkels to borrow for free, strong WiFi signal and friendly staffs. They provided me with the superb service and great accommodation for THB 1,500 per night in the fan room. Since it was pretty small so you could feel really close to the staffs (I even remember their faces now.) Link to my mini review on this hotel is here.

Muesli full of fruits served with milk
Muesli full of fruits served with milk
A cat in front of my room

Mountain Resort Koh Lipe is where I stayed for a night. The view from my room (Seaview not Beachfront) was marvelous. It was THB 4800 for an air-conditioned room which full of conveniences (except for WiFi signals in the room.) They also have a swimming pool, a restaurant with the great view, snorkels for rent at THB 50 (some were broken though, you should check before getting down to the ocean) and a serviced car to the walking street at night during 6-10 pm. But my room was quite far from the beach, just like the name suggested  the hotel is on the mountain so we had to walk down for the Sunset beach. Actually it was really big! seems like another town to me. So I couldn’t remember anyone except the receptionist…

Mountain Resort’s lobby area
View from my balcony
View from my balcony
Another view from my balcony in the morning
Another view from my balcony in the morning
Sunsetting from Mountain Resort restaurant
Mountain Resort from the sea
Mountain Resort from the sea

How to get there:

This is probably one of the reasons why it is not so famous for travelers because to me it took for like 4 hours from the Hat Yai International Airport to Koh Lipe including time in a van and on the speed boat excluding waiting time.

First Option: I took a plane to Hat Yai and then took a van from the airport for about 2 hours to Pak Bara pier, then took another 2 hours on a speedboat to get to Koh Lipe The round trip of this (van and speedboat) was THB 1,300 depending on where you get it (there are many online travel agency websites)

There is only a 11.30 boat getting to Koh Lipe and 9.00 boat getting out from Koh Lipe during low season. Then there are three-four trips during peak season. So check your vacation day first, then check the ferry boat schedule before buying the plane ticket. Jolly Travel was the travel agency I bought the van and speedboat pass from.


Second Option: The more adventurous way is getting on a bus (Song-Taew) from the airport to Talad Kaset for THB 20, and find a van to Pak Bara pier for THB 100.

Third Option: If you are already planning a trip to other islands in Andaman sea, you could also get to Koh Lipe from there by boat such as from Langkawi, Malaysia or from Koh Lanta, Krabi province.

Extra notes/tips:
– Get enough cash before leaving land! the ATM tends to run out of money.
– Some people get drinks and snacks from convenient stores on land before leaving for the island because they will mark up really high on convenient stores on the island.
– Jogging in the morning: Sunrise beach is better than the beach in front of Mountain Resort, but the sand was not that dense anyway. Check out running on the beach tips before your first jog, since it could harm your legs!
– There was a mailbox in front of a medicine shop when walking out of walking street towards Sunrise beach then turned right for 5 minutes
Sending some postcards 😀
– There were no pubs or not much things to do at night. I believe it was a better place for people who are finding peaceful place but yeah there are still an options of some noisy bars on Pattaya beaches
Chilling area of Cast Away resort on Sunrise Beach
Chilling area of Cast Away resort on Sunrise Beach
Thanks for reading


P.S. I took most of these photos with Fujifilm X-A1 and the rest (morning and underwater) photos with iPhone 5s