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Walking through photos depicts one’s life

LINE Village in Bangkok is FINALLY open! like finally. (photos and videos)

For all visitors to Siam Square area, we would all see the “LINE Village” banner at the Siam Square One.. but it was probably there since the building was open, I hope I’m wrong.
The previously latest update to this shop was the staff recruitment sign..
During that time, I believe it was over 3 years and it could be even 4 years…I’d been to the shops in Garosugil, Myeongdong, Harajuku, Taipei, and about to check out the Shanghai’s one…
I can’t be happy enough to say that.

Now it’s open : )

Only the shop part though, not the indoor riders which will be open by the end of this year, 2017.

Things worth mentioned:

-the product price is not that different than that of KRW, a bit higher. you should check it out from
-the shops in Korea would have some newer products, such as for the current time is Beat Brown.
-the shops in Tokyo would have products from creator market such as Usamaru, Kanahei and other Webtoons, too.
-the new version of pillow cushion is so soft! comparing to the previous ones.
-the store is very small in an L-shaped. Don’t expect a lot.
-still, there are some photo spots inside and outside of the shop including the Tuk Tuk ride for Bangkok!

Products I like price list in THB:

Big Brown 5,900
Medium Brown with donut 1,579
Sleeping eye mask  355
Luggage tag 385
Glass coaster 189


Lamy x LINE Friends
Notebooks in variety of sizes and covers
Phone cases
Laptop pouches
So, of course, in this special occasion,
I forgot my camera lol
So here are some of the atmosphere and things sold taken by my phone.


we also went to check out the IHOP, the pancake place, that just opened in Siam Paragon. We tried pancake, crepe, waffle. I would say that you should just go for the fluffy pancake!


I almost forgot the dinner we had..Tom yam noodle with eggs

K Hip Hop and I. AOMG Concert experience. (Clips +Photos)

Last month, I went to a Korean concert for the first time in my life.
No, not K-Pop. It’s K-Hiphop.


You know, in general, in the western side as well, music genres go like pop, rock, ballad, hiphop, country, etc. But what Korean music genre is known to the world the most must be K-pop. So, many outsiders would generalize about the nation. Actually, there are a lot more in that country’s scene. I must say I even like its R&B, too.


I like the rhythm of hiphop. But, I don’t wanna understand the whole of the song somehow. That matched me well with Korean Hiphop… just because I don’t understand it.


How I got into this would be a long story short when LINE TV was introduced around the 2nd quarter of 2015. As a new product back then, the content was majorly Korean. So, I started to search about those Korean groups on Youtube, and somehow came across Show Me The Money season 3, the Korean hiphop survival program. Since then, please talk K-hiphop to me: producers, labels, artists, etc. I became a vivid fan. This year it’s season 6, and I might go to its closing concert in Seoul this summer.


One of the strong label is AOMG, Above Ordinary Music Group, led by Jay Park who was once in 2PM but with … I would say an incident, he couldn’t stay. In the end, he came back to Korea with, I would say, a greater and better situation.


AOMG Concert Follow the Movement in Bangkok

was held on March 25, 2017 at Bangkok Convention Center. Guess what?
Yes, I went.


I was fortunate to receive a couple of free tickets from my friend who was a staff at the concert. It was a short notice, I would say, I was confirmed for the vacant tickets on that morning while I was in class. Why didn’t I pay at first? Because I want the most expensive ticket with a seat, I’m getting old and want to pay for my comfort. But in this case.. it’s a standing ticket for THB 4,900. So, I passed. Until a day before the concert that during our random conversations, a friend shared her weekend plan which included working at this concert! She even said none of her friends wanted to go to this one (It’s quite a niche) so she didn’t think I would be interested.


Unfortunately, this time the crew came only 5 people: Gray, Loco, Jay Park, DJ Pumpkin,  Simon Dominic, without Hoody, my favourite lady.

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Bangkok 101: Street Food List – my fave !

Thailand is famous for food stalls on street. Actually, vendors would sell anything on street such as clothes, toys,  etc. The sad truth is that there are venal officers who ask for the protection fee….rental fee…or any fees?

Good thing for consumers is that they are cheap and convenient but the bad sides are of course the hygiene of intakes,  the hard-to-be-clean environment, and jammed atmosphere. You will find it difficult to walk on the pathway along the street because of these stores. But for the first couple times, these will still be interesting.
Recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has tried to clean up the pavement by asking the sellers to leave… some of my favourite shops didn’t even have time to tell their customers…
Let’s get down to our business today!
I personally don’t like too sweet stuff and would not have too much snack …but here is

 My fave street food in Bangkok


  • Iced Thai milk tea “Cha-yen” ชาเย็น: THB 35 less sweet please. It’s my all-time fave drink. It’s difficult to find the thick, creamy, and less sweetened Cha-yen nowadays. oh if you find cake or ice-cream of Cha-yen, please do order them!
  • Iced Thai black tea “Cha-dam-yen” ชาดำเย็น: above one without milk. THB 25
  • Iced lemon tea: get this at Au Bon Pain!, a cafe chain. I like to order from any places but my fave is from that cafe.
  • Hot soy milk: less sweet

Dessert/ Snack:

  • Crepe: it is thin and crispy with variety add-ons to be stuffed >> “Prik-pao moo-yhong crepe” for sweetened pork and chili paste. You just need to try it.
  • Roti: original one is thick but if with stuff inside would be thin >> banana and egg roti
  • “Ka-nom-tuay” ขนมถ้วย: sweet thing served in a small size. THB 25 for six
  • FRUITS ! fresh fruit is cheap here. Just pick whatever is attractive to you. I love coconut the most as well as the coconut ice-cream


  • “Som-tam” ส้มตำ: Som-tam is a kind of salad that sweet and “VERY Spicy.”
  • Grilled chicken “Kai-yaang” ไก่ย่าง >> The grilled chicken especially the one on stick is juicy and tasty.
  • “Rad-na” ราดหน้า: thin big noodle with pork and veggies topped with slimy sauce. I prefer this one to the famous Pad-thai though
Som-tam ! (and I)

Anything you wanna add on the list? Tell me!

Any questions on food? ask me : )

For other markets, check out these posts for vibes and splashy dishes

The 1st Anniversary! (for my first roll of film) with complete set of photos

000022Unbelievably I drafted this content since last year. Now it’s time to publish.

Why started?

1.Photos developed from films look attractive to me.

When I was in middle school, lomography was boom. Chic people in the school back then, they all own one of the lomographic camera such as Diana, Fisheye, etc. I follow their personal blogs and always found their photos attractive. However, asking for the camera to my parents would not be reasonable at the time..
Time passed like 10 years later, I left my first job. At the time I wanted to buy a camera. My choices were either a mirrorless one or a film camera.. So it would be my first self-financed camera. Since I wasn’t gaining a lot during a leap time, it was more financially reasonable that getting a digital one was an ultimate choice. So that I could just take a lot.
Still when I saw film photos, I still thought they were so attractive.

2. Timing and Time to wait

After I started my second job for a while, my artist feeling came back during my idle time. I don’t invest in any fashion items, I would just put my money in my travel fund and some kind of gadgets. At the time, I followed many Facebook film-camera merchant fanpages and instagrams to check on prices and some beginner tips. So I decided to give it a shot.

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Review: Happend to be here – my 3 CANON’s Film cameras

1st Canon Demi EE17
Advantages: It is light and compact. I could take numerous photos in one film since it is half-framed. Thus it is fun to be with.
Reason: I would like to get a film camera to test my taste as soon as possible. I was originally looking for Canon QL17 GIII since I have been researched on which model would be a great and worthy choice. I have found post selling that, but I was hesitating since it was my first time contacting to buy a some-number-handed film camera…. so someone else got it. Then, at the time there were not any sellers who posted about QL17 GIII, so I decided to go for Demi EE 17 first.
Drawbacks: It is really a rangefinder.. I mean there is no overlapped image inside the ช่องตา to check whether it is focused. I have to estimate well. I would say I have improved my skill of estimating and calculating Meters.
Behind story: This is only for this specific camera of mine that led to the decision to get the second one, the ASA meter could not be adjusted. So it stayed at ISO 100 all the time. Though it is ok to use ISO 100-200, but I would like to try out ISO 400 at night time and dimmed light as well as fast-moving objects as well. And especially,, I have already bought a couple ISO-400 films… T_T
Where I have brought you to travel: Bangkok by the river and in the city. Taiwan from Tainan to Taipei. Patthalung, the southern part of Thailand. Ari, a next neighborhood.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
2nd Canon QL17 GIII
Advantages: Pocketable size, low tendency to be out of focus, and easy to find reviews.
Reason: It was my first chioce, so when I was during my Taiwan trip, I could not resist to PayPal it right away. (and that was when I knew how useful of it when having no use of OTP-functioned ways which need to send the code on my Thailand’s number.)
Behind story: During the Seoul trip, I had brought 3 different films with me to try out. I have finished the first roll on my last day of the trip even though it was just 36 shots – -. I thought that was bad enough that I had timidly shot during those 6 days. Until I ran back to the room and tried to remove the film…and turned out that I turned the film rewind instead of just raising it up…so it came off and could not be put back by anyone there….so I brought it back and get it reunited at a shop T_T Bye, a one-roll-of-film trip.
Where I have brought you to travel: Seoul, South Korea, into the winter of city and suburb’s skirt.


Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
3rd Canon EX EE
Advantages: Focus. Interchangeable lens. You see what you’ll get.
Reason: I was looking for a SLR to be able to play with the focus and depth of field. Then I was looking for Olympus OM2n in the market for a while. The appearance and its aperture priority attract me. And I also would like to try the system/ process of other brands rather than Canon. Note: when I use my digital camera, most of the time I set it as aperture mode. (Though when I use above two camera, I always use manual mode and don’t rely on in-camera light metering at all.) But since new year, there have not been posted on any sites… then one day I came home and was about to pick up something for a friend from the storage room, then I had found a Kodak camera bag on the floor! Turned out inside it was this Canon EX EE with full-body original case, a lens cover, a small tripod and a Vivitar flash! and they were really really in a mint condition! My flash thought was there must be a visitor at my home who brought this for me today! Because before I bought my first film camera, I had already asked around my parents whether they had any available and working film cameras which we had found a couple compact and quite recent film cameras but they seems not working anymore. However, turned out it was my mom’s! She just found it while rearranging things in the room : ) I have always wanted to use a camera with an attached story from previous beloved owner like this one.
Drawbacks: the heaviest of all ! It was my first time to think that how could I travel with this? I would have to be really strong to carry around this thing the whole day during the whole trip : (
Where I have brought you to travel: Bangkok and surroundings

On Foot: Let’s just SKI and SNOWboard (Part 2: Whys and Hows)

Winter in Korea
Why not enjoy the snow then : )

The instructor is teaching a student how to put a foot in
The instructor is teaching a student how to put a foot in

So, we went to this ski resort twice; once for skiing and the other for snowboarding.
This post will explain about how and why. Then another post here is including only photos.

Q: Why did we choose Jishan Ski Resort?
– Free shuttle bus back and forth especially from Hongdae area: since most of other free shuttle buses would leave from Gangnam area
– Leave from ski resort not too late: it leaves at 5:30 PM while at some other places would leave 6:30, I was afraid we would get back to the city too late and too lazy to do other things
– It takes only about 1:30 hr to go there: I don’t want a long-hour bus trip

A small mart sell something like a cup of noodle, ice-cream, etc.
A small mart sell something like a cup of noodle, ice-cream, etc.

Q: How to go with the free shuttle bus?
I stay around Hongdae (Sangsu Station to be specific), so the closest bus pick-up point was Sincheon.
Bus departure time from Sincheon is 7:50 am. So I would advise to get there around 7:30 am. When the time is reaching, you will find other people lining up.

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On Foot: Let’s just SKI and SNOWboard (Part 1: Photos)

Photos at Jishan Forest Ski Resort.

It was where I have spent time for 2 days during the trip.

The next post will be about how to go, why did we choose to come here, etc.
But before then, let’s just look around first : )

I also shared these in Thai here:

On Foot: Bukchon Hanok Village while wearing Hanbok

Category: Walk
Place/Activity: Wandering around Bukchon Hanok while wearing Hanbok
Subway: Anguk exit 3

|Film| Amazing view of Bukchon Hanok Village : D

We were there in the morning, so we were searching for a Korean restaurant but turned out they were closed for breakfast and will be opened about 11am for lunch time.

We ended up at a cafe called Athena. They had a breakfast set for a choice of huge muffin with a cup of hot Americano for KRW 5,000. Free wifi and toilet are also available.
Our breakfast set at Athenna

We walked up from the cafe to the tourist information center to get a map. Then before crossing the road, my friend saw a hanbok-rental shop, 3355 shop. We went down to the basement to check them out.

At first, I was still indecisive whether to wear it because I thought it would make me clumsy while walking up and down the hills with my cameras. But then, I was turning the first dress on the row just to check out while my friend was choosing hers…. turned out I then finished with wearing it on, choosing a purse and completing with a hairpiece before my friend did T_T

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Phonto: My fave PHOTO-related application at the moment!


Ok. So. It is sitting on my phone screen for almost a year now. But I just knew that it can do much more than just simply “text on photos” like their tagline says.

I just found out about their comprehensive skills last night…. (What!) I got tricked by their clean and sleek UI back then lol. I was just feeling sad that how could I overlook this wonderful app.

What I originally want on the app:
  • Add many texts on one photo
  • Clean UI
  • Fast and not bulky
  • Save to gallery for free

Screen Shot 2559-01-22 at 6.01.04 PM

What they actually offer:
> Common features:

  • Add texts on the photos. Anywhere.
  • No application’s watermark at all (for free!)
  • Various font styles offered
  • Able to save on the phone or share to somewhere else like Instagram
> Beyond-expected features:
  • Install more fonts! By our choices. It is spectacular! especially for adding other languages rather than the existing English fonts which are a lot already.
  • Photos on photo. sometimes I just need to reinstall my other apps just to do this.
  • Preset ‘word’ list. (I am still searching for preset word list with saved ‘font style’, that could me a logo)
  • Background style: the frame, lines, price tag, etc. T_T
  • And many many more I am still discovering : D
I just paid for the ad-free version since I would like to stick around the app for a while.
I gotta tell you that I first installed this application because I wanted to add some quotes on my photos… which I have never done till now. Also I thought it could set and embed some personal watermarks which I have not found out about this yet (would not say they don’t have it though haha.)

Several FREE offered features here are need-to-be-paid on other applications that I would not list them here 😃
Just try Phonto first!

Till next time,

Here is my upcoming album cover on my Facebook page, stay tuned for the whole list! here (in English) and there (in Thai).
I switched to edit things on my mobile instead of editing on laptop since I have found myself doing it so slow and procrastinating it a lot when decided to do on laptop back then (Lightroom..Photoshop… T_T) and the results are not that different.
External links:
  • Phonto’s official site  – P-H-O-N-T-O! haha sorry. The developer also offers some other things such as text on video
  • Additional fonts sites, please check the permission before use.
    • ฟอนต์.คอม – for TH special fonts.
    • DaFont – a website that I can ask for anything on my artwork since high school! (I was taking a graphic class back then)
    • For the other languages I could not read much,  here is for Korean fonts – not many fonts but could be useful. It will link to the original websites later but permission notes are provided

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On foot: M.A.P. Weekend Fest #2 Lost in Christmas moment (Fujifilm X-A1)

เตียงนอน? (จะเดือนไหนก็นึกถึงเสมอ)
วิ่งมาราธอน? (เอาจริงๆนี้เต็มเดือนเลย)
ขึ้นดอย? (ไม่ใช่หุ้นนะ)

เรานึกถึง weekend market นะ : )


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
Workshop: make garden in the jar


เสาร์ 19 ธันวาที่ผ่านมา (หนึ่งในวันอากาศเย็นของกรุงเทพฯปี 2558) เราแวะไปงานนี้มาแหละ “M.A.P. Weekend fest #2 Lost in Christmas moment” ที่ Whizdom 101


เจอกันที่บีทีเอส ปุณณวิถีนะ

เรานัดเจอกันหกโมงเย็น เราอยากไปถึงงานก่อนฟ้ามืด เผื่อจะได้เก็บรูป twilight หน่อย
บ่ายวันนั้นเรามาจากงานของ aday ที่ the Jam Factory แถวเจริญนคร… ไม่รู้ว่าตอนนั้นคิดอะไรอยู่นะ แต่ว่า..

เฮ้ย ปุณณวิถีก็นี้ไง อยู่ถัดจากบางหว้า


ถึงก่อนเวลานัด เราเลยนั่งเล่นถ่ายรูป ไม่อยากโทรไปเร่งเพื่อน.. พอหกโมงปุ๊บ

เราเพิ่งขึ้น BTS อโศก

เพื่อนเราว่างั้น เราเลยขอตัวไปเดินดูงานก่อน…

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Thai milk tea : ) is my favourite drink

เรากด facebook ของงานนี้ อันนี้เลย เพื่อดูใน google map…. ไม่เข้าใจทำไมมันโชว์ว่า ใช้เวลาเดินทาง1ชั่วโมงกว่า ทั้งที่ก่อนมาเราก็เช็คแล้วนะ ว่ามันอยู่ระหว่างสุขุมวิท 100 กับ 101 ซึ่งอยู่ใกล้สถานีมาก….?! ….เดี๋ยวนะ….’สุขุมวิท’ ก็ต้องอยู่บน BTS สายสุขุมวิทซิ!…นี่มัน วุฒากาศ นี่!

ฮัลโหล ไปเดินก่อนเลยนะ เรามาผิดที่ อีกหนึ่งชั่วโมงถึง…

เพื่อนเราขำใหญ่ แล้วบอกว่า I know this would happen (so I have left where I was late)….


อ้าว นี้ยังไม่พูดถึงงานเลยหรอ

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Whistle: They sell burgers and fries


ลงทางออก 3 ของสถานีปุณณวิถี แล้วเข้า Piyarom club เดินๆไปอีกนิดก็จะเห็นงานเป็นก้อนๆมีแสงสีเหลืองเยอะๆด้านขวา

Note: เราเดินเข้างานมา เหมือนมีคนแปะสติกเกอร์เพื่อนับจำนวนคนร่วมงาน… แต่เขาไม่ให้เราอ่ะ : ( เราเลยขอเค้า เพราะมันเป็นสติกเกอร์ที่เหมือนชื่อเราเลย : )

ภาพรวมงานนี้แบ่งออกเป็นสองส่วนใหญ่ ด้านหน้ากับด้านหลัง ก้อนด้านหน้านี้ใหญ่มากกก ร้านของกินเยอะ ที่นั่งเยอะ คนเยอะ มีโซน workshop แถมมีเวทีคอนเสิร์ตอีกแหนะ วันนั้นวง Playground มา! (ถ้าเธอรู้จัก เธอก็อยู่ที่’มุม’นี้ เหมือนกันแล้วแหละ)

Note: workshop คือนั่งทำกันตรงนั้นเลย ราคาประมาณไม่ถึง 500 บาท มีทั้ง garden in the jar จัดส่วนในโหลแก้ว มีจัดช่อ mistle toe (นี้คือธีม Christmas จริงๆ) มีทำหน้าหนมปัง

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Main stage and large sitting area

ส่วนโซนด้านหลังนั้น…ความจริงก็มีของเก๋ๆนะ พวกเสื้อผ้า ของจิปาถะทำเอง โซนดูดวง ปั่นจักรยาน tokyo bike รวมไปถึงมีโซนอาหารอีกแถวนึง… แต่คนบางตามาก เฮ้ นี้คนละงานรึเปล่า? บางคนคงไม่ได้แวะมาถึงตรงนั้น เราคิดว่าเพราะบรรยากาศตรงโซนใหญ่มันดีกว่า ผู้คนมากมาย แถมได้นั่งบน(ก้อนไม้บน)หญ้า

แต่เรา ผู้ซึ่งชอบที่เงียบๆ หลีกเลี่ยงความวุ่นวาย (กลับบ้านมั้ยงั้น?) จึงมีความสุขกับการนั่งคุยเล่นกับเพื่อนอยู่ตรงนั้น…จนเที่ยงคืน

Note: เอาจริงๆเพื่อนเราก็เปิดร้านตรงนั้นด้วยแหละ นั่งตรงกล่องนั้นเลยใกล้กว่าเยอะ คิคิ

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Cookit: They sell fresh ingredients deliver to your door 🙂

เฮ้ย ลืมบอก! งานนี้พาน้องๆสี่ขา สองขา มาเดินเล่นได้ด้วยนะ! ในใจเรากลายเป็นว่า สิ่งที่ทำให้ชอบที่นี่มากขึ้นไปอีกคือการได้เดินส่อง เดินตาม น้องๆเหล่านั้น ทั้งตัวเล็กตัวใหญ่ น่ารักมากเลย ^^

Note: เห็นร้านขายของสัตว์เลี้ยงแค่สองสามร้านเอง มีปลอกคอหนัง กับขนมขบเคี้ยว

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

และอีกแล้ว บางทีเราก็ลืมเก็บภาพงานโดยรวมแบบดีๆนะ มัวแต่หันซ้ายหันขวา ส่องนู้นนี้ไปตามทาง (อ้างมาก)

ฉะนั้น ใครที่อยากไปงาน weekend market ที่มีเสียงเพลง ลานกว้าง ของกินเยอะ และชอบสัตว์เลี้ยงเป็นพิเศษ อยากพามาเดินเล่น ก็แวะมางานนี้ได้เลยนะ แนะนำๆ

เค้ามีจัดอีกที ที่เดียวกัน ธีมเดียวกัน สุดสัปดาห์นี้ 25-27 ธันวาคม เริ่มตั้งแต่ สี่โมงเย็นถึงเที่ยงคืน ที่ whizdom 101
อย่าลืมเช็คการเดินทางไปของตัวเองให้ดีนะ รวมถึงเวลาเปิด-ปิด (นี่เราก็ไปเถียงมั่วๆกับเพื่อนมา) ทางที่ดี เช็ค facebook ของงานเถอะ

Gudetama on Canon Demi EE 17

ก่อนลาจากกันไปในวันนี้ จะบอกว่า ถ้าจะขึ้นรถไฟฟ้ากลับบ้านหลังเที่ยงคืน..จงมั่นใจแล้วว่า บัตรตัวเองมีเที่ยว และเงิน พอ.




Cookit Delivery – Cooking made easy
ร้านเพื่อนเราเอง ลองกดดูนะ น่าสนใจมาก (อีกแปบนึงเราคงโพสเรื่องทำอาหาร 🙂 ให้คุณเลือกเมนูอาหารที่อยากทำ แล้ววัตถุดิบที่กะปริมาณแล้ว จะส่งตรงสดถึงบ้านคุณ เพียงเตรียมครัวให้พร้อม! (มี portion สำหรับ 2-6 ที่เลย)

-รูปเหล่านี้ใช้กล้อง fujifilm x-a1 ถ่ายนะ ไม่ได้ถ่ายรูปมานานแล้ว ยังเบอะๆบะๆอยู่ แต่สนุกจัง
-ทางเดินในงานไม่ได้ราบเรียบแบบพื้นปูนนะจ๊ะ เดินระวังๆกันหน่อย
-Price range approx:
Snack 60-100 THB
Drink 50-80
Burgers 160-250

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