Student Life In Seoul: My First 2 Months

Arrival Date: July 29
Today’s Date: September 29

Officially 2 months in Seoul for me!

2 weeks: Studying Korean in Gangnam. #LifeInGangnam nothing much to say 😃
1 week: Living in Hongdae/ Sangsu area. Life was so good and convenient ♥ Cindy
2 weeks: Taking Pre-module classes. #CEMSClubKorea #MT Moved to school area..
1 month: Taking 6-7 classes in Module 1, now it’s half-way through. Just took “midterm exams”… things went by so fast.
Final exams in a month!
(with assignments, group works, after-school activities, etc.)
That was a recap. Now let’s get into the detail.
(I don’t know what’s wrong with the paragraphs and breaks shown in this post 🙁 )
Our most picturesque building in Korea University taken on my first days here

How is my life like in a day?

The most confusing thing about my school schedule is that is different each week even with the exact same bunch of subjects!
So my average hope-to-be routine goes like this:
10 AM Pilates at 100 Days Pilates (already paid for 15 weeks) on foot for 10 minutes
11 AM Go home, take a shower, eat brunch (heating my weekly-cooked meal or having cereal)
12 AM Start my first class of the day (most people just look so dead and hangover from a night before)
2 PM Continue with another class after 10-minute break
4 PM Free slot. Pretty much study for exams, do assignments, study Korean
6 PM Korean class at night! WHY?
8 PM Finish school, go get some food bb!
and average nights would go till midnight, not-so-average nights would go till 3 AM
a not-so-average day would be 10 AM to 8 PM non-stop classes! like the longest break is 10 minute interval. Sometimes those classes include quiz and exam.

Where do I live? 

Korea University is far from things that you would describe as Seoul (at least for me), even though here is also Seoul (Dongdaemun district.) 30 minutes to City Hall, 30 minutes to Itaewon, 45 minutes to Hongdae, 50 minutes to Gangnam.
My house area is even… more suburb. The closest convenient store nearby is about 10-minute walk. At night, I can’t really see living things in my neighborhood with only dimmed light on the street. The normal scene I see every day is old cars or trucks, low-rise buildings, and highway. Car fixing, clothes fixing, aluminium-related SME, factory-cleaning liquid product shop are businesses closest to my home.

Where do I hang out?

This doesn’t mean that this Korea University area has nothing to enjoy at all. The food and night life would be more vivid when I walk 10 minutes towards Anam Station.. Lots of chicken places, beer places, makgolli places, and other Korean food.
Recommended restaurants/shops:
Fromaqi for sandwiches and tomato soup (salad is also good but I don’t order it.)
Mur Mur de Gusto for when you wanna treat yourself once in a while for steaks, pastas, risottos without taking an-hour-trip train to somewhere else.
Budaejjigae (no name?) next to Crimson House for 6000-krw budaejigae by heartwarming aunts
Star Beer for vast rooftop area with chicken and beer. I prefer Crimson’s house rooftop for KU buildings’ night view though but it needs residential card to get inside.
Dear Bread for the best soft and fulfilling bread in the area
Cafe Bresson for cheap americano and soft and crisp waffles.
As international students, we would take a trip to Itaewon once a week for nice dinners, drinks, and clubs. Nowadays though we have realized it’s too crazy to get a cab back home at 3 in the morning.
Gangnam and Hongdae are also special choices of night life. For me, getting a cab at night from Gangnam is even easier than getting it from Itaewon. There is absolutely has something to do with flux of foreigners in Itaewon is too attractive for taxi scams… though the problem is also existed for Koreans.
Hyundai Motor Hall

What is famous about Korea University (students)?

(that I’ve heard of)
Claim: Unfashionable students: since the area is quite suburb comparing to the other schools in Sinchon area (to those who aren’t familiar, I would say Hongdae area for Ewha, Yonsei, etc.)
Truth: Honestly, I can feel the different vibes of Anam and Hongdae… I just keep telling myself that I’m here for school, not for shopping or eye candies.
Claim: KU students are good at drinking.
Truth: DRINKING is CRAZY here. Don’t ask what day it is. People just gather and go. No special occasions needed. Those are all excuses. Sabalsik, the drinking’s tradition to welcome newcomers, still exists and is being taken serious.

What is KUBS facilities like?

I love our Korean University Business School buildings though! Even I need to climb up that hill but they are all connected surprisingly, and also are connected to the Central Plaza, underground area includes bank, Burger King, health center, student lounge, etc.
1) Hyundai Motor Hall is where student life is. This 8-floor modern and newly constructed building comprises of a convenient store, a cafe (Tiamo), a korean-food store, group study rooms, lecture rooms, lockers, toilets, lounges, sleeping sofas, and many more haven’t been discovered by me.
2) LG Posco is where Sudang digital library is, and our closest Hana Bank ATM, printing and photocopy station, huge rooms for big events, some professors’ offices. This is the first building you can encounter when going up the subway. I once met Park Yuri, a Korean model who studying International Studies, here. He was walking with fierce look.
3) Business Main Building is where our faculty is, also some hidden and unknown spaces like startups area, gym, etc. This building on the 3rd floor is connected to main ground towards the main library and can also walk outside to Law school for Bibigo and another sandwich place.
Honestly, many things here are still offered in Korean only such as student clubs majorly, some signs, some people… On the website, the English version is not exactly the same as Korean one. Don’t guess which one do we need to go just to reserve the group study rooms.
And honestly, I still don’t know everything here. There are always hidden gems in schools that we acknowledge on the last month lol.

What would I be sad about living here in Anam?

I still have a long list of “what I want to do in Seoul” that hasn’t been fulfilled mainly just because my home is one hour from where I want to go (2 hour round trip) so I can’t just take a dancing class in Gangnam and expect myself to go as much as I should go since by the school ends, I’m so exhausted. (that’s what happening to me right now, and I should improve it!)
BUT positively, there is still time! about 4 months to go here in Seoul.
 You can do it!
Business Main Building ?
Until next time,
P.S. I drafted the First-week in Seoul with lots of random thoughts which might be shared next time.

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