K Hip Hop and I. AOMG Concert experience. (Clips +Photos)

Last month, I went to a Korean concert for the first time in my life.
No, not K-Pop. It’s K-Hiphop.


You know, in general, in the western side as well, music genres go like pop, rock, ballad, hiphop, country, etc. But what Korean music genre is known to the world the most must be K-pop. So, many outsiders would generalize about the nation. Actually, there are a lot more in that country’s scene. I must say I even like its R&B, too.


I like the rhythm of hiphop. But, I don’t wanna understand the whole of the song somehow. That matched me well with Korean Hiphop… just because I don’t understand it.


How I got into this would be a long story short when LINE TV was introduced around the 2nd quarter of 2015. As a new product back then, the content was majorly Korean. So, I started to search about those Korean groups on Youtube, and somehow came across Show Me The Money season 3, the Korean hiphop survival program. Since then, please talk K-hiphop to me: producers, labels, artists, etc. I became a vivid fan. This year it’s season 6, and I might go to its closing concert in Seoul this summer.


One of the strong label is AOMG, Above Ordinary Music Group, led by Jay Park who was once in 2PM but with … I would say an incident, he couldn’t stay. In the end, he came back to Korea with, I would say, a greater and better situation.


AOMG Concert Follow the Movement in Bangkok

was held on March 25, 2017 at Bangkok Convention Center. Guess what?
Yes, I went.


I was fortunate to receive a couple of free tickets from my friend who was a staff at the concert. It was a short notice, I would say, I was confirmed for the vacant tickets on that morning while I was in class. Why didn’t I pay at first? Because I want the most expensive ticket with a seat, I’m getting old and want to pay for my comfort. But in this case.. it’s a standing ticket for THB 4,900. So, I passed. Until a day before the concert that during our random conversations, a friend shared her weekend plan which included working at this concert! She even said none of her friends wanted to go to this one (It’s quite a niche) so she didn’t think I would be interested.


Unfortunately, this time the crew came only 5 people: Gray, Loco, Jay Park, DJ Pumpkin,  Simon Dominic, without Hoody, my favourite lady.

The scheduled time was 6:30 PM. I was there at 6PM, so the standing area was already opened for the crowd. The stage is like an H. So, the nice area next to that H was already taken and packed. But the outside area was not near the word ‘full’ at all. We were standing comfortably, scatteringly. The majority of the pack were ladies, if there were guys, they would be their boyfriends… I noticed some Mandarin speakers as well. They were right before me. On my left were a couple and a female friend. On my right was a group of beautiful lady boys who danced the hell out of it and some of them were crazy for Gray and Jay Park.



DJ Pumpkin and Loco started that night. By that time I realized that I was too short for this thing. Next time, I would wear a pair of platform!


Next, came Gray : )


Then, Simon Dominic, no doubt, opened with the song of his name, “Simon Dominic.”


Last but not least. Jay Park.
Mommae was such a sexy performance with those hot female dancers on the floor.


Encore was probably the time that I loved the most. I liked it when the crew, any hiphop crews, on stages together walking, swagging, around the stage.


The Good:

The overall experience was good: the vibe, the performance, the artists, the crowd of people. I’m really looking forward to their other concerts in the future. I wish it was longer. I didn’t know that it would be this short. It started around 7PM and ended around 9PM I think.
While the good is so short. I would say I was really impressed and had a great time. I would recommend AOMG concert.


The Bad:

The interpretator. She couldn’t translate Korean-Thai. We, as I looked around when she translated, were not enjoyed her translation and even think she shouldn’t be the one for that job. There must be something wrong. It turned out she was a Korean who knew a bit of Thai and knew someone inside so…she did that. But she interpreted so badly. Even I knew a little bit of Korean, I could understand what artists were saying while listening to her interpretation I was shocked. For example, one of the artists mentioned he went to Kao San road, the famous touristy street in the old town of Bangkok, literally meaning was ‘uncooked rice.’ The interpretator translated that he had a meal of rice….


Simple things to bring:

-Comfortable clothes to move around, to be jammed in the crowd, to be able to sit on the floor when needed to.
-Comfortable shoes. Probably it’s not the right time to wear high heels if you don’t normally wear them.
-Hair tie. You know there must be that time you just think your hair is just all over the place.
-Phone & extra battery – main filming tool. I saw many even Lived on either Instagram or Facebook.
-Money & ID Card
-Lip balm.


What were not allowed in this concert, and needed to be left outside:



I was sick, here were what I brought:

-Cough drop
-Tissues for my runny nose

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