7 Lessons I’ve Learned from my first job that I really appreciated

Recently, my friend who just joined the consulting field called me. She finished her first evaluation which didn’t go well. And I felt sorry for her…
I was once in that business as well and actually gained a lot without realizing it. I even thought that everyone would also possess the same traits.
Here are the lessons that I’ve listed out a long time ago and just reviewed it with fresh mind.
These would be points that you could learn from anywhere. I wouldn’t say they’re only applicable to consultants. I would really encourage everyone who seeks to run the efficient and effective life to consider. (I don’t even live that life…just to be clear :-P)
  1. Can-do attitude: the first thing before you started to do anything is that you need to believe that it can be done!
  2. 80/20 rule: 80% of the outcomes come from 20% of the causes. So, don’t spend more time to cover the rest of 20% of the work especially if it will need others to review/approve/consider etc.
  3. Big picture: always step back and question: What is the final result we all want? Is this discussion leading to that direction? (pretty much are we wasting our time?)
  4. Answering to yourself: try to answer/find solutions for your questions first before asking seniors/others for comments/supports
  5. Ownership of the job: you need to be responsible for the tasks you are handling. You need to really find the way to improve (or make revenue)
  6. Being omniscient (know everything): Be open-minded, open-eared and open-eyed. Just be open to know everything bit by bit
  7. Asking why?: if this then that. Just always ask why, especially to things that we thought they are the solutions because they are probably not.
It’s a pretty short list that’s not even comprehensive but I hope that my juniors know this beforehand. Then, the workplace would be really motivated. Let’s moving forward together as a team 🙂
Another 2-minute-read post. Bye!

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