What’s it like to study Chinese at Tsinghua University?

What's it like to study Chinese at Tsinghua University? by Pitchaya Tun

Answer by Pitchaya Tun:

So my answer is "It depends."

It depends on

1 which level you take – different materials and kinds of classes

2 what class (of that level) you were assigned to – different teachera

I studied at ICLCC (Tsinghua University International Chinese Language and Culture Center) for one semester and two months.

 I was in a 'Beginner I' class for my first semester here, then I was in an 'Intermediate I' class for the next semester.

As far as I know, the levels start from Beginner I, then Beginner II, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, the rest is probably Advanced I and II, I'm not quite sure.

Classes and Subjects:

The maximum number of students in my levels are 20. (The afternoon session is less crowded than this, since many students want to take a morning class)

The Beginner I class has 3 subjects: General (or grammar), Speaking, and Listening.

The Intermediate I class has 4 subjects: General, Speaking, Listening, Reading.

I like the grammar class the most because I think I gained a lot from those classes. Most likely due to weekly dictations, homeworks, and quizzes.

 While I think the class size were too big for the speaking sessions, so we would be divided in to pairs or small groups for practicing or discussing about topics. Of course it cannot be like one-on-one study that you have the whole opportunity to talk with a teacher and get he or she corrects your mistakes. 


The materials used for the beginner level were all kinds of things that can make you get used to or make you like Chinese language, such as textbooks, audio CD, flashcards, songs, slides, etc.

On the other hand, they assume students who take an intermediate class would have some kind of idea what Chinese language is like and how to keep pace on stydying, so the material is sole textbook (and you can also count audio CD for listening class). Since the book for Reading class is difficult, the teacher provides us an extra sheet of each topic for us.

What's it like to study Chinese at Tsinghua University?

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