Bangkok 101: Street Food List – my fave !

Thailand is famous for food stalls on street. Actually, vendors would sell anything on street such as clothes, toys,  etc. The sad truth is that there are venal officers who ask for the protection fee….rental fee…or any fees?

Good thing for consumers is that they are cheap and convenient but the bad sides are of course the hygiene of intakes,  the hard-to-be-clean environment, and jammed atmosphere. You will find it difficult to walk on the pathway along the street because of these stores. But for the first couple times, these will still be interesting.
Recently, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has tried to clean up the pavement by asking the sellers to leave… some of my favourite shops didn’t even have time to tell their customers…
Let’s get down to our business today!
I personally don’t like too sweet stuff and would not have too much snack …but here is

 My fave street food in Bangkok


  • Iced Thai milk tea “Cha-yen” ชาเย็น: THB 35 less sweet please. It’s my all-time fave drink. It’s difficult to find the thick, creamy, and less sweetened Cha-yen nowadays. oh if you find cake or ice-cream of Cha-yen, please do order them!
  • Iced Thai black tea “Cha-dam-yen” ชาดำเย็น: above one without milk. THB 25
  • Iced lemon tea: get this at Au Bon Pain!, a cafe chain. I like to order from any places but my fave is from that cafe.
  • Hot soy milk: less sweet

Dessert/ Snack:

  • Crepe: it is thin and crispy with variety add-ons to be stuffed >> “Prik-pao moo-yhong crepe” for sweetened pork and chili paste. You just need to try it.
  • Roti: original one is thick but if with stuff inside would be thin >> banana and egg roti
  • “Ka-nom-tuay” ขนมถ้วย: sweet thing served in a small size. THB 25 for six
  • FRUITS ! fresh fruit is cheap here. Just pick whatever is attractive to you. I love coconut the most as well as the coconut ice-cream


  • “Som-tam” ส้มตำ: Som-tam is a kind of salad that sweet and “VERY Spicy.”
  • Grilled chicken “Kai-yaang” ไก่ย่าง >> The grilled chicken especially the one on stick is juicy and tasty.
  • “Rad-na” ราดหน้า: thin big noodle with pork and veggies topped with slimy sauce. I prefer this one to the famous Pad-thai though
Som-tam ! (and I)

Anything you wanna add on the list? Tell me!

Any questions on food? ask me : )

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