On foot: ‘Made by Legacy’ Flea Market V

It has been a while for my photo journal. I have been writing something else which I have not published anyway. This is an auspicious time that I am so busy so I would like to post some photos….hmm should be some kind of stress release.

Last Saturday night at around 2 AM towards Sunday morning, I was about to go to bed and something popped up in my head that ‘I want to go shooting tomorrow.’ which made me search for some events in Bangkok occurring on that Sunday January 11, 2015.

Made By Legacy Flea Market V, an American-styled flea market, was the one! I personally like to go looking around a market that each shops have stories behind what they are selling, thus I thought this would be interesting. These days, a bunch of weekend fashion markets are held almost every week and throughout the city… but I have been just once…

After I went through the entrance, I felt like I went to another.. period of time….and let’s say I was dressing up anachronistically. Oh also, it was probably half Thais and half expats in the market. Anyway, I could divide the fair into 3 main parts which were dining, shopping, and stage (?) areas.

Night atmosphere

DSCF6209 DSCF6201


I went there around dinner time, so the first thing I was looking for was… absolutely…food. Food and drink shops were located as a U shape with other stores in the middle. I walked around looking for interesting things they offered. Most of the dishes was pricing around THB 200.

I ended up with a sandwich from Sloane’s artisan comprised of sour bread, made by the nearby bakery shop, with natural-bred-pork sausage.

Gula: Private chef
Pizza Note Project: You draw your own pizza for them to make

An only coffee shop I found that night
A Quarter to Twelve: sandwiches…with a bit dry meat
Sloan’s Artisan: sauce choices



Vintage clothes, home decorations, accessories, cactus, percussion, etc. were selling here.

My most memorable shop was Maeklong Percussion. They sold various kinds of percussion from the world. I already posted a photo on my instagram regarding this shop and my impression towards him, the seller. I really felt like if you could find what your passion is, you will be happy for the rest of your time… regardless of how would that make you money….ahhh since now I am thinking a lot about how could I make money from what I enjoy doing~ I should rather focus on making the excellence out of what I do instead.

MaeKlong Percussion: while he was demonstrating something


He introduced me to Asalato (a kind of percussion originated from a fruit from Africa in the same rounded shape.) He taught me the basics and I tried to play it…. and I am very competitive that I want to be great at it so I bought them home… which made me realized that I was purchasing them not just because of the product itself but rather be the involvement and action. When I came home and searched for some videos teaching how to play Asalato, they turned out to be very limited… Cheers to my long way to go~
Just to involve you guys to what I was talking about, here is the link of an Asalato expert I love.

Vintage Showcase


Vintage Showcase was another interesting one. I do not purchase vintage stuffs to decorate my home, however; I had found their tea sets quite attractive…as a gift for my mom. What special about this shop was that they have a person (or people?) in England to accumulate vintage stuffs from there and then ship to sell them here. So everything is from England.

Bob’s dept


I ran into my high school friend, she was selling many kinds of things at Bob’s dept shop. At first I thought it was a stationery shop, but you can check it out for yourself here for design goods.

Elementseden Design Studio: wooden punch for home decoration
Cactus gift set



The almost-middle area of this fair was reserved for music, at least when I was there. They were playing on the ground, so the audiences could just sat, enjoyed, and absorbed.




I have to admit that most of people who showed up at MBL were really good looking. Some looked familiar like I have seen them on TV, and some I have met them before in Ari area…such as a guy from Porcupine cafe, a couple of Summer Street owners, and a couple of Paper Butter and The Burgers owners : )

Ariinaturals.com for all-natural African black soap


It seems like MBL is held once a year, so if you missed it, either wait till next year for MBL VI or check out other vintage markets (if you are looking for vintage stuffs) or farmers market (if you are looking for food) in Bangkok.

‘That was a wrap’ for this post. (I like this phrase.) See you soon 🙂



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