Travel: 5 Reasons to go to Asiatique the Riverfront!

This is my fourth time here at Asiatique the Riverfront which is a night market by the river. This land used to be a pier for exporting teak wood in the past so they turned the warehouses into shops and restaurants, provided some space for walking around on the deck and added a ferris wheel to make it more fun.


Let’s get to the point.
5 Reasons to be here:
  1. Ferris wheel – I have to admit. It is becoming one of the Bangkok’s (non-cultural) landmarks. Since I could not think of anywhere that has a ferris wheel for the whole year. (some places might have it for a festival in winter season). When coming here at the twilight time, there are pretty much chances that you will get the blue wheel with the purple sky as a background like this.  This object can also be seen from far away. Note: Sorry, I havn’t riden this since if I want the view from the top I would go for a tall building..

    the Asiatique's landmark: Ferris wheel
    the Asiatique’s landmark: Ferris wheel
  2. Free boat ride all year long – well, if you enjoy a boat ride then you will probably like this. Since they don’t charge for a ferry boat from the skytrain station that linked to the center of Bangkok, Siam and Sukhumvit area.

    This shuttle boat is what you should be looking for.
    This shuttle boat is what you should be looking for.
  3. Organized and clean – OK. It’s new. It was just opened to the public like since 2012. So, the shop sections are well divided and the area is well-organized, and easy to get around. The main sections are shops, food court, restaurants, deck, and the ferris wheel which is currently held the River festival for Loy Krathong day, November 6 for this year. Its size is manageable to walk around in a couple days comparing to the Jatujak weekend market which is huge.

    The area for the River festiival during Loy Krathong day in November
    The area for the River festiival during Loy Krathong day in November 2014
  4. Takeing vivid photos – the lighting is nice. Each shops are decorated nicely. You can see from the photos here. Thus, I would come here when I want some photos of variety of shops with enough light at night.asiatique shop asiatique shop DSCF1649 asiatique shop
  5. Tourists – I put this as a good thing since I think if you want to study the customer behavior of some groups of tourists; what do they buy (from their shopping bags), what do they eat (from their dish), where do they come from (if you ask). Then, this is the nice place to do so. It is chilled.
A clown is making some balloons for these young clients
A clown is making some balloons for these young clients
Then, here are some reasons just to prevent you from disappointment.


3 Reasons not to be here:
  1. Pricey stuffs – It is the same reason for many tourist attractions that I would say this. Well, maybe I think I could find the cheaper things somewhere else but if it is the only market you come in Bangkok and you found some unique stuffs, you should get it. If you want to taste the local food, just walk outside the Asiatique and turn left or turn right and go straight for like 5 minutes you would find the first local restaurants on street (I was walking here from another hotel and I passed a lot of restaurants.) It is much cheaper and the taste is real but yeah, if the menu does not contain some photos, it would be difficult to order. These are the examples of things I had that day (ones that I could remember the prices): matcha soft cream with a waffle cone at THB 59 (this is the normal price for this though!) and pepper pork steak in the food court at THB 139 (but I feel like THB 70)
  2. Seats are not by the river – from the name ‘Asiatique the riverfront,’ it is really by the river, we can hang out on the deck; however, I saw some restaurants here that claimed they are by the river, actually yes with some spaces but if you expect to dine by the river,, it is not really unlike other standalone restaurants/hotels along Chao Phraya river such as Sala Rattanakosin (opposite of Wat Arun as the photo on my about me page here) or Vivi coffeeplace for the afternoon drink.

    These restaurants are the closest to the river in Asiatique but still quite far.
    These restaurants are the closest to the river in Asiatique but still quite far.
  3. Too touristy – If you are looking for a place that Thai people hang out normally, this would not be it. But if you want to check it out, yes you should do! To me, it is quite far from the city center where most of people gather around, so I would come here once in a while as I put it on the reason to come here that I want some photos. But some Thai in the neighborhood come here as well since there are a couple times I came here on the weekend and found lots of families came and some students came. But most people I have seen here are the East Asians tourists 🙂
 In conclusion, it is a nice and neat place that you should go check it out. Though many upcoming malls are in construction along the river. I think it could beat this one if the location is closer to the tourist attractions area aka Phra Nakorn district, or closer to the skytrain station or the more gimmick/ prominent landmark such as this Ferris wheel here.

Useful information:


Opening hours:
17:00 till midnight
How to get there: 
Take a skytrain on Silom line to BTS Saphan Taksin station then take the exit no.2 to the pier and wait for a free shuttle boat.
External links:
Asiatique’s offical site:
The view from captain room towards the Asiatique
The view from captain room towards the Asiatique



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